Sunday, October 2, 2011

LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS (Number Two; July 1981)

More Hammer goodies from your humble host! I've posted all the issues I own of HAMMER COLLECTOR'S CRYPT (hope you've downloaded and enjoyed them all!) and now I have one issue of LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS. This issue is a tribute to Terence Fisher with great interviews and insight into his career, with other interesting articles about our favorite studio. My favorite article is an interview with composer James Bernard whose Hammer scores are too often overlooked by cinephiles. I think the eerie and unsettling musical riptide he created for THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT made the film much better than it actually was and remains one of my favorite Hammer scores.

UPDATE 10/10/2011: I was asked to remove the links by Richard Klemensen owner of LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS. I will definately respect his wishes since this issue is available from him directly as a reprint HERE.
This issue (and the many others!) are worth every penny with expansive articles, interviews and great photos.

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